Monday, February 19, 2007

First, and foremost.

Welcome. I am here. I have begun bieng here and intend to keep matters in such a loop until overwise stated. I am I. this is a Highly correct statement, in that the same things that constitute I constitute me. What constitutes me? I am self aware. I am a living and breathing organic lifeform, homo sapient. I was born, I am living, and I will die. I am the lowest measurement of sentience, me, and part of the highest, humanity. But these are not I. yes, they are required for me to be me, for To not fufil the previous requirements would void me as being a living human, and therefore incapable of being "me". All of humanity, the greatest known sentience is "I". Everyone one of the individual constituents of humanity is me, as they can all truthfully say they are I. But what is me beyond the above meanings? Those meanings allow me but cannot entirely be me. Me can be said to be the human inhabited by the consciousness that says "me" but me is an individual, and the previous explanations offer no way offer no way to discern difference implied by individuality. Yes, there are physical differences, but those mean so little when one thinks of things such as twins and clones, and slowly humans are edging towards the ability to clone themselves. Even then physical distinctions hardly individualise humans beyond the ability to discern familiar faces from one another, and truly knowing a human has little to do with seeing them. No, what make me able to say that I am who I am is my Perceptions. Not my experiences as one might think, for experiences can be shared, hallucinated, imagined and extc. No. It is perception that makes these experiences our own. Perception is unique in all humans, Initially due to minor physical differences in our brain, ranging from mere essential unnoticeable differences to mental states such as autism. Our perception is further altered by experience: the experiences continue to alter perception through our perception of those experiences. Our perception of ourselves for instance, is the true measure of who we are, because it is unlikely someone knows your experiences as much as you do, and no matter how wrong in terms of social standing, physical appearance, level of intelligence and extc someones idea of themselves is, The evaluation itself is a look into what that persons perceptions are. therfore Perecptions Experience = Me (or P E=M) a little bit of thought by shuvy.

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